Fictionalized presentation of the colonization of Venus

One of the regularly mentioned brakes on Venusian exploration is the lack of a long-term perspective. Indeed, the surface conditions being too harsh, the human settlement should take place in the atmosphere at an altitude of more than 50 km. Given its temperature, pressure, sunlight, presence of water and radiation protection, it is one of the most habitable environments in the solar system. However, many people fail to project themselves into an atmospheric life and therefore exclude Venus from the outset as a destination for mankind.

The aim of this presentation is therefore to show what a Venusian colony could look like and how everyday life could be organized there. This study is presented in a fictionalized form in order to be easier to read and to promote reader’s immersion. For this, it will not go into technical or economic details.

Considering that the story takes place in more than a century, it is very difficult to imagine the technological, social and economic state of humanity at that time. The presentation therefore attempts to show how a daily life similar to ours could take place in the Venusian atmosphere with current technologies. Indeed the sizing of the different elements is not based on any futuristic technology or physics revolution but only on current techniques used on a much larger scale.