Venus Exploration and Setup in Top Atmosphere

Exploration and installation in the upper atmosphere of Venus

This part aims to propose a possible architecture for a first Venusian mission within one or two decades. Of course, such a journey will push the limits of what is possible, and will require the development of new reusable techniques on Earth. Despite this, for reasons of cost and delay, it is best not to have to develop major new technologies such as a super-heavy launcher or an orbital refuelling system.

The first part is a presentation of the different sizing choices of the project. The most important chapter is the presentation of the elements of the mission. These presentations are schematic, take safety margins in performance, but do not constitute a fixed architecture. The final chapters of the game are devoted to the planning of the Vesta 1 mission and the presentation of backup solutions for the crew.

In addition to the technical presentation that can be questioned, this report also aims to show the feasibility of the exploration of Venus. It also aims to open the debate of Venus manned exploration.

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