Venautics: noun, Sciences and technologies aimed at building and operating a vehicle on Venus.

This word coined for the occasion sums up the purpose of this site. Indeed the different linked pages are intended to present various projects in the optics of robotic and human exploration on Venus. Interest in this planet is often masked by Martian hegemony, the attractive sides of the moon, and the mysterious phenomena of the Jovian and Saturnian systems. it is the hellish conditions of its surface which cause reactions of immediate rejection of this destination, but the closest sister of the Earth hides a large number of assets on condition of being willing to take a closer look and willing to think otherwise.

Planetary science is both the input to the design of any exploration mission but also the purpose of many in itself. You can therefore find on this site summaries of climatology and geology knowledge of Venus to present the dimensioning characteristics of the different projects but also mysteries to be clarified. Despite everything, this site is mainly oriented towards techniques and is therefore not intended to make a complete inventory of scientific publications concerning this planet.

A final part is devoted to themes that are not specifically associated with Venus but allow a better understanding of the exploration of the latter.

This site is not professional and embracing fields too diverse to be fully mastered, errors are possible and your corrections will be welcomed with pleasure within the framework of exchanges, hopefully, mutually enriching. In addition, to fulfill an evolution objective, do not hesitate to offer content that is close to your heart and / or in your specialty included in the scope of this site.


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