Below are listed the official publications published for international congresses or magazines. Like the site, they are guided by the desire to seek technical solutions to the constraint imposed by Venus. Their level of detail is logically proportional to the scope of the project, being more precise for a small short-term exploration project than for a long-term manned flight project.

organization acronym:

3AF: French Aeronautical and Astronautical Association , Paris

IAF: International Astronautical Federation, Paris

LPI: Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston

IAF GLEX 2021 Global Space Exploration Conference in St. Petersburg

Technical presentation of the dimensioning of a manned mission on Venus. This is the release version of the VESTA project.

Venera-D: Venus cloud habitability system workshop 2021 virtuel of LPI

Presentation of a mission architecture that can transport a multitude of payloads in the Venusian environment.

Lettre 3AF 50 January 2022 of 3AF

Article presenting the recent evolution of Venus exploration projects

International Astronautical Congress IAC 2022 in Paris of the IAF

Study of an atmospheric balloon system for the study of Venus in cubesat format.